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Governance Wednesday with Mark Lovatt

Here is where we discuss all things in relation to corporate governance. A unique series which features Dr. Mark Lovatt, the CEO of Trident Integrity Solutions as we explore this space together.

Tech Talk Friday with Karamjit Singh

Digitisation is rampant. With that in mind, understanding the digital space is necessary. Featuring Karamjit Singh of Digital News Asia, gain new insights from in the world of tech based on current affairs.

Marketing Monday

Gain new insights from the world of marketing as I interview people within the space and understand different perspectives and views.

Other Videos

Six Sigma – Is it Still Relevant in Businesses today?

Having worked at GE for a long time previously, I constantly get asked about Six Sigma and its relevance for business today, especially since I was a Black Belt in Six Sigma at GE at one point. I posed this question to Six Sigma and Corporate Transformation expert Arulnageswaran Aruleswaran, Ph.D from GEODIS on his view of the relevance of Six Sigma in today’s world.

Henry McCulloch, Inspire Group – What to do after High School?

This video was created for Henry McCulloch, who will be just going into high school this year and has asked for some advice. His father James McCulloch posed me a few questions to provide Henry with some advice and here is what I had to say.